The Dan Center Philosophy
The  philosophy  of  The  Dan  Center, was formed by our personal experiences and research
with the various therapies received by our learning challenged and autistic kids. We relate
the application of alternative integrative approaches to the sensory, listening and auditory
processing, behavioral and nutritional  assessment that each individual exhibits.
Every therapy is not appropriate for every individual. That is why the assessment is pivotal
in this process. If and when therapy is deemed appropriate, it is critical that management
is done in a holistic manner.

The Dan Center  relates  the  holistic  management  to  a  “House  with  Many  Windows.”
As  learning deficits and
autism are wide in spectrum, there is also a wide berth of  
alternatives to  approach  the  disorders.   The  “House of Autism and the Learning
Challenged,”  has  many windows from  which it can be  viewed  or  understood.
•        If one looks at it merely from one window,  one will only see one room of the house.
•        If one looks through the ABA window,  the approach may be behavioral.
•        If one looks through the nutritional window, the approach may be through diet and/or      
•        If one looks through the Occupational Therapy window, the approach may be through
sensory integration and activities of daily living
If one looks through Irlen Syndrome, the approach may be through scotopic sensitivity
screening and colored overlays.
•        If one looks through the Tomatis and Berard window, the approach may be through
vibroacoustics, auditory processing and listening.

At the Dan Center, our philosophy is to look into as many windows as possible to fully
appreciate the multi-faceted complications of the learning challenged and autistic individual.
It  is  our  experience  that  when  a  therapy program  has  been completed,
the  work  has not  ended.


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Our programs are designed by certified therapists who are also
PARENTS and CAREGIVERS of learning challenged and autistic kids.
The Dan Center
Providing internationally acclaimed therapies from
Dr. Alfred Tomatis and Dr. Guy Berard
A  commitment  to  the  program  and a  
lifestyle  change  is critical    to  ensure  
that  success  achieved is  continued  at  

The  family  must  be  ready  to  accept  
this  challenge as  well.

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