We provide a unique approach here at The Dan, Center for Autism
Wellness and Recovery.

The  Dan  Center’s House of Many Windows approach is a “living
concept.” It is an assessment and research driven program for
effective management of brain channel dysfunctions in individuals
with Learning and Autism Spectrum Disorders. With the advent of
new research, theories and interventions, the Berard AIT, Tomatis,
Sensory Integration utilization continues to evolve.

Our approach enlists the use of sound based integrative therapies
and sensory integration that enhance listening, communication
skills, overcome hearing distortions and learning difficulties;
as well as diagnostic tests, educational, nutritional, sensory and
behavioral profiles for an individualized listening program.  
We provide remedial  therapies that deal with challenges related to
Dyslexia, Autism, sensory integration disorders, multi-channel
developmental delay, central auditory processing disorder (CAPD),
attention deficit disorder  
ADD, ADHD, and other learning disorders.
We work closely with other professionals dedicated to giving your
child the optimal opportunity for a breakthrough and eventual
Meet the Staff
The Dan™   
Center for Autism
Wellness and Recovery
As  parent  of  kids  with  autism, PDD  and  learning  disorders,
we are aware of the monumental struggles just to achieve
a single  moment of normalcy in aday.  We offer alternative
and traditional approaches that address the otherwise painfully
slow progress or lack of recovery.

Our personal experiences and current research have yielded
varying degrees of successful outcomes via
Tomatis, Berard
Auditory Integration Training therapies, Occupational Therapy,
Sensory Integration, Interactive Metronome, PECS,
Irlen Screening, Lindamood Bell, Handwriting Without Tears,
life skills training, behavioral
and nutritional intervention, among

It is our vision that a positive change is effected by appropriate

integrative approaches

In doing so, there can be a lessening of a struggle in the lives of
individuals, and families, touched by autism spectrum and
learning disorders.

There can be hope

Dan Copes
Inside The Dan Center
Tomatis Auditory Training
Berard Auditory Integration Training   AIT
IRLEN Screening
Handwriting Without Tears
Interactive Metronome
LindaMood Bell Program
Sensory Integration
Sensory Defensiveness
Sensory Integration and Brain Channels
Occupational Therapy
Meet the Staff
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Individuals with
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issues such as
auditory, tactile,
visual, avoids eye
contact,  inability to
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