APP based on the work of Dr. Tomatis

This listening Method  was developed by French  physician Alfred A. Tomatis
based on the synergistic effect among the ear, the voice, and the brain. The
theraputic effect of sound stimulation is achieved via
needs assessment and active listening  to individualized filtered music
program in a sensory integration setting at The Dan Center.  

“Awakening Ashley,”, a book by Sharon Ruben
a meticulous researcher who documented her autistic child Ashely’s
astounding recovery from the depths of non-verbal autistic behavior to
normal and recovered.

National exposure was given to the listening Method as both Katie Couric
and Peter Jennings covered this story, and most recently, Lisa Rinna's  
“Soap Talk” on April 10, 2006.
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APP based on Dr. Tomatis
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1.  Will my child
benefit from
Individuals with
concerns,  learning
challenges, sensory
issues such as
auditory, tactile,
visual, avoids eye
contact,  inability to
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