Berard Auditory Integration Training (AIT)

AIT is sound-based intervention focused on retraining the
auditory system which in turn improves the body’s reaction to
sensory overload or sensory dysfunction in the brain.
Dr. Guy Berard,  a French ENT
physician, developed AIT to help individuals with listening and
processing  difficulties.  

“The Sound of a Miracle,” by Annabel Stehli documents how her
institutionalized autistic daughter, Georgiana, was recovered by
AIT in 1970’s. Today, Georgiana is a college educated daughter,
wife and mother.  
20/20 with Hugh Downs recognized the lasting effects of Berard
AIT on Georgiana decades after initial training was provided.

The late Dr. Rimland, together with Dr. Edelson of the Autism
Research Institute in San Diego, skeptics at first, did an
extensive study of 400 individuals receiving AIT and has been
repeatedly asked,” Does it work?” And his reply, “Yes, it works.”

Regularly, the Autism Research Institute recognizes recovered
children and their parents who have explored alternative
approaches like AIT.
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