Sensory Integration
Anne Jean Ayres, PhD, OTR, FAOTA

Sensory Integration is a concept developed by Anne Jean Ayres, PhD,
As a child, Dr. Ayres wrestled with learning issues not unlike those
she would study later in life.  As an Occupational Therapist, Dr. Ayres'
research, was the genesis of the theory that children who had a
sensory integrative dysfunction suffered from a misunderstood

Frustrated parents who once misunderstood a child's inability to
finish a seemingly simple task;
teachers who labored over a student's poor reading skills, repeated
reversal of letters, confusion of words; counselors who were
perplexed over a child's aggressiveness on innocuous issues, finally
had an explanation.

This concept revolutionized pediatric Occupational Therapy,
educational, and behavioral management of individuals with sensory
integration disorders in the school systems and beyond.
Sensory integration
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